Episode #138 – Slap In The Facebook? Zuckerberg Laughs All The Way To The FaceBank!

TheOverthrowShow.com June 4, 2012 – Los Angeles, California – On This episode of The Pete Santilli Show: Pete gives us a breakdown of the ongoing Facebook saga concerning Mark Zuckerberg and the billions he stole from investors. Zuckerberg laughs about how easy it was for him to get all your personal info and then sell [...]

Episode #036 – SPECIAL COVERAGE – Bilderberg 2012

www.TheOverthrowShow.com Freedom Is Sexy – Hosted By Susannah Cole On This Episode of The Pete Santilli Show: Pete talks Bilderberg. The world is being controlled by an elite few and they are all in Chantilly Virginia today deciding our fate as a Nation and indeed the world. Sworn to secrecy the media reports very little [...]