Episode #040 – Freedom Is Sexy – Hosted By Susannah Cole

June 6, 2012 – Los Angeles, California – On This Episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Pete is on a rampage tonight!! He isn’t afraid to say it and this show proves it! Tonight’s discussion is a highly charged broadcast calling Sarah Palin out for her stupidity and Neil Cavuto of Fox news for letting her get away with it in a interview with him where she said; “Wisconsin voters understand that austerity is a good thing!” Sarah Palin isn’t the only person stuck on stupid this week. Madison Wisconsin, city clerk, told a reporter that the voter turn out for the area concerning Scott Walker the Governor for Wisconsin, is suspected to be 119%, adding that that would be unprecedented!! “Really?” Pete ask the listeners, “Are they planning to dig up a few dead people and maybe let some illegals vote?” “I mean how the hell do you get 119% of the people to come out and vote?” Pete recalls when he use to be one of those guys in a nice red power tie preaching the gospel of the GOP and proudly claims he is going to burn all his red ties as now they symbolize the communist agenda of the Republican Party. He makes a very good point when he says, Republican politicians are surrounded by a GOP that is so rigged YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT ANYWAY.
This is one jammed packed show that covers the unconstitutional handcuffing of Colorado citizens, to the Romney admission of sending hecklers to the Obama camp only to turn around and agree with the Obama policy of droning American citizens. Pete hints to coming shows about how it is quickly dawning on him that we might be taken out by a cyber-war more deadly than any nuclear terrorist attack we could ever imagine.


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Episode #040 – Freedom Is Sexy – Hosted By Susannah Cole

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