Episode #138 – Slap In The Facebook? Zuckerberg Laughs All The Way To The FaceBank!


June 4, 2012 – Los Angeles, California – On This episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Pete gives us a breakdown of the ongoing Facebook saga concerning Mark Zuckerberg and the billions he stole from investors. Zuckerberg laughs about how easy it was for him to get all your personal info and then sell it to the highest bidder making billions because you are stupid.

The news shifts to a brilliant article written by journalist Jay Widener http://www.jayweidner.com/RonPaulWillWin.html titled: Ron Paul will win in the end. This Article tells us all that no matter what happens, the ~ideas~ that Ron Paul the man stands for will not be forgotten and have started a revolution which cannot be stopped now.

While the media was reporting on “The New King Of Cool” Barack Obama and his frivolous spending of the tax payer money, giving free rides to the likes of Bon Jovi and Angelina Jolie on Airforce One — oh; and by the way; forgot to tell you he gave the go ahead for a cyber war.

Pete calls Barack Obama a raging psychopath, obsessing over drones and cyberwar, while using it like a nuclear bomb on the Iranian people.

Meanwhile, sources are reporting The Bilderberg Group as being very angry with Ron Paul and have nixed the idea of his son Rand Paul for Vice President. Rand Paul is not a favorite at The Pete Santilli Show because he is a favorite of the dreaded Tea Party. While we should demand the ideas of Ron Paul come forward and that somebody needs to step up and take the lead we all agree that that somebody should not be Rand paul. As far as Pete is concerned Rand Paul took flight 93 to the tea party and that plane is crashing and burning. Glenn Beck reports on Madonna and her swastika; bashes Alex Jones; and gives no mention of The Bilderberg Meeting. He’ll talk about George Soros all day, but mum’s the word on the Bilderbergs. Mr. ‘conspiracy theory’ himself believes the Bilderberg Group is an Alex Jones fabrication.


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