Episode #036 – SPECIAL COVERAGE – Bilderberg 2012

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On This Episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Pete talks Bilderberg. The world is being controlled by an elite few and they are all in Chantilly Virginia today deciding our fate as a Nation and indeed the world. Sworn to secrecy the media reports very little on the meeting and thats why it is so important to get the word about this high ranking group that literally takes three days to set into motion what events will get them ever closer to their dream of a New World Order. Pete covers the  protest led by Alex Jones and his team bringing you important news from the frontlines in Chantilly Virginia. Pete goes over the list of top U.S. officials illegally attending the meeting according to the Logan Act passed into law under the John Adams administration January,1799. The attendee list for this years meeting include, John kerry, and Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana who is said to be on the top of Mitt Romney’s GOP list for the Vice Presidency. Pete calls this year’s Bilderberg a crucial moment for the Elite that would rule the world and the people they intend to enslave. The most important issue for the Bilderberg group this year is the passing of environmental protection laws ushering in the beloved carbon credit scheme that is a very important step in establishing a one world currency. Stay tuned to The Pete Santilli Show for your updates on The Bilderberg Conference and the days coverage on the protest led by Alex Jones.

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Episode #036 – SPECIAL COVERAGE – Bilderberg 2012

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