URGENT UPDATE: SHOCK AUDIO/VIDEO: Confirmed: Iowa GOP Rigged Caucus Vote Count

URGENT UPDATE: MORE VERIFIABLE PROOF THAT IOWA CAUCUS VOTES WERE INACCURATE & ALTERED. Please follow the events from the audio recording on December 29th with the Iowa GOP officials, the video of CNN the night of the Caucus, and now this video from Iowa as verifiable proof that the displayed vote count was altered/inaccurate from the original report. The are reports from another county in Iowa that 79 votes were counted and only 50 people were present. We are working to obtain details of this irregularity. *** If were present at an Iowa Caucus and would like to share any suspicious activity in the strictest of confidence, please contact us at 760-684-8038.

In a call made on 12/29/11 @ 11:58 AM  to Patrick Stewart, Data Director for the Iowa Republican party, he confirms the potential for voter fraud, and also refuses to answer the question regarding whether or not the chain of human custody between the precincts and central headquarters is ever broken.  Listen very carefully to the call, then watch the CNN videos below which clearly expose proof of Iowa Causus vote count irregularities.


Per the results of tonight’s caucus results, the potential for voter fraud is very palpable.  The Republican Party has publicly stated that Ron Paul could not, should not, and would not win…even prior to the casting and tabulation of the People’s votes.


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CNN had a few great moments way past midnight tonight– the loosening of the proverbial tie happening somewhere around 1:30 AM. But the votes had still not come in, and an industrious producer put Wolf Blitzer in contact with the Clinton County, Iowa Republican Chairwoman, Edith Pfeffer, and the woman who woke her up to get the votes to CNN, Carolyn Talett.

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Talett explained that she had “received a call at about 12:20 from state central committee asking if I knew how to get a hold of someone from 2-2.” This made her call Pfeffer, who didn’t answer her phone, so Talett “came to Edith’s home and pounded on her door and got her up.” After getting her up, CNN called.

Pfeffer explained that she had sent the results in at 7:48 PM, so she did not understand why she was still needed or what the state did with her votes. Since Pfeffer had the results of her precinct, and these were suspected to be the missing ones, Blitzer asked her to tally off the numbers for the county. “Oh, God,” Pfeffer replied, “I added them up a couple of times… oh man.” She did eventually get the votes together, which King put into his numbers. Adding them up, he gave the victory to Romney, but noted that “the numbers from the state do not add up with the numbers that we just received.” “What do you mean, the numbers don’t match?!” one of the ladies boomed, to which the commentators laughed, and King tried to explain.

Blitzer then concluded asking whether CNN had woken them up, or whether the state did it. “No, I woke her up!” Talett responded, noting that Pfeffer didn’t answer her phone.”Do you ladies have some fresh coffee?” King joked.

The interview via CNN below:

Source of above videos: CNN Gets The Help Of Iowa GOP Operatives ‘Edith And Carolyn’ To Solve Missing Vote Mystery
by Frances Martel, Mediaite | 3:02 am, January 4th, 2012



  1. Travis Crank says:

    Iowa GOP Vote Fraud & Electioneering • January 2nd, 2012

  2. Yeppers says:

    We need to sue the Iowa GOP for the recordings of all 1,774 phone calls where the results were reported.

  3. john says:

    ron paul just got screwed

  4. kaycee says:

    Ron Paul stands a “SnowBall’s Chance in Hell” for a Chance for a Fair & Honest Election as the Talmud says it is Right & Just to Lie, Deceive and Steal from the Non-Jews. So do not expect for a Fair and Honest Election in this Presidential Election.
    This review is from: Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit
    A Review of the book “Judaism Discovered”
    by Michael A. Hoffman II.
    Review by Lance Owen 08/10 [...]
    The author of this book, Michael A. Hoffman II, is one of my favorite writers. He has written several other books including; Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, The Great Holocaust Trial (about Ernst Zundel), and Judaism’s Strange Gods. He has also written numerous tracts on Freemasonry, and other occult topics. I consider him an expert in these areas. I don’t know how to characterize him or his work. It seems like he’s a Christian scholar, revisionist historian, and occult expert, all rolled into one! But I’ll bet he doesn’t like to labeled, so I’ll just call him a truth seeker, like myself.
    This book is over 1000 pages with nearly 1200 footnotes. He uses quotes from famous Rabbis to make his case, which is, that Judaism is not the Old Testament religion that many believe. It’s a mishmash of various pagan superstitions that go back to Babylonian times. It is a religion of racial self-worship. The purpose of this “religion” is to replace Calvary with a lie known as Auschwitz. It must have taken many years to put this book together and it is an astounding achievement. He is very thorough and uses quotes from many older little known texts.
    The Talmud
    I used to think that the most important book of the Rabbis was the Old Testament. Some would call the Jews, the “People of The Book”. This is not true. The Talmud is the book to be studied, along with the Cabala, by orthodox Jews. The Old Testament is relegated to minor status. Why? Well, the Rabbis worship themselves, not Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament. The Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis, murdered the prophets as Jesus told us. The Talmud tells us that the prophet Isaiah was sawn in half! In the Talmud it is said that a Rabbi won a debate with God! The Judaic people are God! Only Jews are human. Gentiles are animals.
    The Talmud consists of two parts, the Mishnah and the Gemara. The Mishnah is the codified “Oral Law” passed on by the Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis. With this “Oral Law”, the Rabbis can make up anything they want. The Gemara is commentary on the Mishnah.
    The Talmud is a book (many volumes) of rules which orthodox Jews should follow. It is full of all kinds of arcane rules which will drive one insane. Like, meat and dairy products should be kept in separate refrigerators. There are toilet rules, and rules with dealing with menstruating women (they should be shunned) and so on.
    The Cabala
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    The Rabbis routinely curse Christian graves, churches, and the Cross. Orthodox Jews spit on Christians. They won’t deny this. But we are not privy to the witchcraft that the Rabbis practice behind closed doors. But thanks to God, they let things slip out. Yitzhak Rabin was cursed by a Rabbi and was dead in a month. That was for signing the Oslo peace agreement. The Rabbis curse countries too.
    Treatment of Gentiles
    The Talmud clearly states, that gentiles caught reading it should be killed. That has got to be a shocker! When it comes to the Gospels, don’t they say, “Spread the good word.”? But the hate directed toward gentiles and Christians in particular, permeates this work. It is repeatedly stated that, it is OK to steal from gentiles, as long as Jews are not harmed by doing so.

    • billk says:

      absolutely NO PROBLEM . Ron Paul will simply run as a 3rd party candidate . not only this , but believe me , there will be millions of folks in the streets when the vote goes on , and if/when the vote is incorrectly counted , I believe the media and the politicians better get out of the country .

  5. doctordrewl says:

    I still wonder why nobody except John Stewart is questioning the improbable rise of Rick Santorum…. C’mon?! The day before Xmas this dude was polling at 4-6% in Iowa. Between Xmas and New Years we start to see several polls showing Santorum’s bump up about ~ 15-17%… based on what? No clue, but they’re selling it. Flash forward to the caucus and Santorum is now pulling a full 25%… and nobody acts shocked, even thought the invisible man has just shown up. All the while, fish-eyed ops at CNN, MSNBC, and FOX push the exact same storylines and talking points on Ron Paul, Santorum and Romney… just so nobody misses a second of it. It might have reminded me of programming we got on 9/11, if I hadn’t become so used to it. Seems like the only thing that mattered coming out of Iowa, was a two-man race between Romney, and anyone but Ron Paul…. Cain, Perry and Gingrich couldn’t pull it off, so they put Santorum in at the last second… He, was the only viable option left, outside Huntsman who’s basically a liberal as well…. But Santorum, a former Senator, was the perfect doomsday pick, even though he has no money or supporters, he could always be considered for his clean cut image and his stance on family values, which is what the psyops were all about last night… CNN brought out a young family who supported Santorum… for what else, family values. So this was all scripted… the rise of Santorum over the holidays prevented critical media coverage to expose his more liberal tendencies … which allowed him to absorb the ‘herd’ of mainline GOP voters (who won’t vote Romney) just in time for the caucus. The programming was heavy, well-timed, and clearly effective… unless you believe this entire caucus was a sham… and they just stuffed the ballot box for him. As more and more reports come in about, no ID’s being checked, missing vans (why would they need vans?), and lights going off! in some caucus sites during the counts…. one has to wonder.

    • O. Ryan Faust says:

      Rush Limbaugh plugged Santorum pretty heavily the day before the Iowa caucus. That’s why the meteoric rise overnight.

      Being part of the establishment, it’s pretty obvious Rush was heading Ron Paul off at the pass.


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